Dear film maker,

The industry has been changing rapidly in the last years, especially if we consider everything involved in the analog film workflow. There have been voices that film would be dead, that the digital revolution has completely taken over, but never has there been a doubt that the aesthetic quality and beauty of film were under fire. Every year we see a trend at the award shows that film is on the winning hand in the cinematography department and that both directors and d.o.p.’s with a vision continue to insist on working with 16mm or 35mm. Even 70mm is back on the screen thanks to the persistance of Christopher Nolan and Paul Thomas Anderson.

DeJonghe Film postproduction has been offering film lab services for over 50 years.
Every weekday, we process colour and B&W film for both 16mm and 35mm to help you meet your tight deadline viewing the rushes. We set up a free upload onto our secured FTP server for you to download the transferred footage no matter when or where you are shooting. The rushes can be rendered onto a hard drive or USB stick and cut into selected stills to be screened on your smartphone. If you still prefer editing on Steenbeck from an analog workprint, this is equally possible within the same timeframe.

You can now order Kodak film stock directly through us to make your workflow even easier.

All further postproduction is handled under the same roof for your convenience. Did you say you wanted to have a short 4K or 2K scan test made from your rushes, take a quick look at how your material will appear on a 35mm print or in digital cinema projection, or have your 8mm films scanned? All this is done in-house with a minimal time delay and maximal technical support.

Have a further look on our website to find out more.

For more information, please drop us a line or give us a call.
We hope to welcome you soon!


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Transport service

DeJonghe Filpostproduction offers an extra service for the transport of your material to the lab. We do this in collaboration with Fedex. This means that you do not have to worry about the organization of the transport and the transport safety. We will send you the necessary and already completed documents by email. The Fedex courier will pick up the material wherever you are and when you prefer. This way we can offer a fast and hassle free solution.

SCAN 8mm and other formats

Do you still have 8mm, 16mm, VHS, 1 inch, magnetic stock or other old supports ? Don’t wait till it is too late, digitize your archives now it is still possible! We teamed up with our partner in sound VIBE Studios, and created .


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