Sommaire de nos services les plus demandées, contactez nous pour un conseil technique personel :

  • Negative processing (16/35mm for colour and B&W)
  • Release print and filmprint
  • silver soundtrack application
  • Intermediate negative
  • Optical blow-up and optical reduction
Digital lab
  • up to 4K scanning with optical zoom
  • SD/HD telecinema with possibility to convert to QuickTime prores
  • FTP client space with 24h access
  • Blu-Ray
  • Digital conforming of all formats (i.e. Arri Alexa, RED, expected Penelope Delta, tape, disk, etc.)
  • DCI with Digital grading Baselight with Truelight calibration
  • Digital compositing and Visual FX
(PFClean, Shake, etc.)
  • Digital Cinema DCP + subtitling DCP + QC check
  • Analysing, inspecting and film cleaning
  • Frame by frame restoration (unique combination of classic and digital methods)
  • Transfer to 35mm or other formats
  • Wet gate scanning for damaged negatives
  • Vinegar syndrome treatment
  • Digitising (8mm / 9.5mm / 16mm / 35mm)


Chaîne de travail

DeJonghe Film Postproduction Chaîne de travail


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